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Meet... Lyndal Lane

Nice to meet you!

If you've got this far, then you may be struggling with your ads. Then I hear you! I was the same a few years ago when I was starting out.

There was so much to learn and when you are 'bootstrapping it'.

You know you need to know and learn the 101 moving parts of being in business and online. If you were like me, then you couldn't afford a coach or the much pinned over fancy course, so you had to DIY it.

Annnnnd we all know that takes time.

[drum roll] enter...overwhelm and frustration

So I designed these guides to help save you time in research and planning, to help you out a bit and get you a further along the journey.

I'm based in Christchurch, New Zealand. I had a brick and mortar business for 10 years and have had an online digital marketing business since 2017.